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Queen of Gele presents completely ready-to-wear gele. No more tying needed

Born from a love of African fashion, Queen of Gele is the must-have gele (head-gear) brand for afro-centric ladies who want to complement their stunning traditional outfits with edgy, fashionable and on-trend head ties without tthe stress, pain and sweat that comes with attempting to tie the gele themselves. 

Queen of Gele was formed after several failed attempts by the brand founders to tie gele themselves. They tried it all: attending various gele tying courses, spending precious hours following “easy to do” YouTube tutorials and even having to pay at parties to have it tied.

Knowing there mustbe an easier way the founders decided to set-off on a journey of innovation to find the perfect solution to share with ladies all around the world.
Reminiscing about Clark Kent’s speedy transformation into Superman, the founders were inspired to create a gele that could be worn in 5 minutes or less. Combining their creative, technical design and fashion drafting skills, the “5 MinutesTo Perfection”gele was born.

They have just launched their first collection which showcases 5 easy to wear designs. Visit their website for more information, or better yet take a look at their YouTube how-to tutorial & behind the scenes videos. Keep updated via their Instagram & Twitter feeds.
Contact Details
Instagram: @queenofgele
Twitter: @queenofgele
Pinterest: @queenofgele
YouTube: @queenofgele
Makeup by Epiphanniea Instagram @epiphanniea
Photography by Eggcorn Studios

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Appreciating Your Spouse: 10 Unique Things You Can Do

Appreciating your spouse is one of the important and beneficial things for your marriage.
When appreciating or edifying your spouse, be sincere and honest.
Appreciating your spouse verbally, or in other ways such as writing can be fun and enriching.

Do you appreciate your husband or wife?

It can be as simple as this statement:
“Thank you for remembering to take the trash out, it really shows me how much you love me and it helps relieve me of some of the stress.”
Just verbalize to your husband or wife how much you adore them.
And how much you appreciate their commitment towards your marriage.
Don’t forget the small favors they do for you too, like remembering to shut the toilet seat, or straightening their shoes.

Appreciating your spouse is an easy, simple, and exciting thing to do.

Yet most married couples take it for granted.
By appreciating your spouse, they will know their efforts are appreciated.
It is important we take some time from our day to day business to stop and say, “wow honey, I really appreciate you. I appreciate all your hard work, and I love you for being you.” 
We actually do this from time to time both verbally, physically (a passionate hug or kiss), and electronically (text messages).


Here are 10 unique ways to appreciate your spouse:

1. Thanking him/her everyday for spending his/her live with you. Both in private and in public.

2. Never belittle or put your spouse down especially in front of others.

3. Pay attention and listen to your spouse when having a conversation.

4. Compliment each other on your appearance. Eg. Honey, you look sexy this morning, I can not wait for you to get back into my arms from work.


5. Include him/her when you make plans EVEN IF they are not interested; seek their insights.

Simply letting them know says, “I care about you, and appreciate your insights.”

6. Let your spouse know the important role he/she plays, have played, and will play in your life and successes.

7. When your spouse is tired from a hectic day, perform their house roles.

If they were supposed to wash the dishes, just do it with joy.

8. Let go of the small stuff, habits, or preferences that will not make or break your marriage.

9. Be patient when your spouse makes mistakes. We are all humans, no one is perfect.


10. Let your spouse know how much you love them.

By focusing on the good attributes of your spouse, you will fall more in love with him/her.
It will also create a good vibe between you and your spouse.
You will both be happy, notice what each other does, connect, and love each other deeply.
We are definitely happy as a married couple because of these things.

As humans, its our nature to want to know and feel we are appreciated for what we do.

We really believe that speaking in edification can impact your marriage in an awesome way.
Positive thinking, positive speaking (or text messaging, e-mailing, whatever!) will help you become more positive, and also impacts your spouse.
Before you get busy this week, edify or show appreciation to your spouse and let them know how grateful you are for them.
As Nike says, “Just do it!”

Leave a comment!
What are some of the ways you edify or show appreciation to your spouse?

Tonto Dike's Husband Reportedly Robbed

Recent reports from Ghana says Tonto Dikeh’s husband, Churchill Olakunle Oladunni’s home was robbed few days ago. 

Tonto Dikeh and husband Oladunni Churchill

According to Ghana site Ghkwaku, the robbery attack happened last week in Churchill’s house in Trassacco Estates.

According to sources, Churchill was out of Ghana during the incident, a truck was parked in front of his house which was used to carry the stolen items from the house. After the robbery, Tonto Dikeh and Churchill flew in to Accra to spend sometime in his home only to find out that his home had been burgled.
The couple reportedly stayed in Movenpic Hotel and flew out the following day.

Project Fame: All Contestants On Probation

All contestants on probation

Following the shocking eviction of Richie, Ruby and Tejiri from the MTN Project Fame West Africa music competition, the atmosphere is more tensed as all the remaining contestants in the Academy have been placed on probation, and some of them will be evicted this weekend.

During the nomination show, the remaining 11 contestants dished out ‘Naija hits’ for everyone’s listening pleasure.
The entertainment started with Biko who opened the night with ‘No stars’ by Dare Art Alade. Next was Oluchi; she delivered an impressive performance of ‘Jamb question’ by Simi.
Kumi took her turn to sing ‘Eyo’ by Asa, and Pearl serenaded the audience as she sang ‘Awww’ by Di’ja. Just as everyone was settling into the vibes of the night, Arewa got the audience roaring with excitement when she performed ‘Ojuelegba’ by Wizkid. Chike charmingly came up right after to deliver ‘Mr Oreo’ by Iyanya (winner of season one).
In the spirit of fun and entertainment, Ada stepped up the stage and gave a beautiful delivery of Seyi Shay’s ‘Ragga Ragga’. Up next was Jeff as he did the popular ‘Godwin’ song by Korede Bello.
Deinde then took his turn to entertain everyone with ‘Jaiye Orimi’ by Banky W, while Joy ensured she gave a spot-on performance of ‘German Juice’ by Cynthia Morgan and Anderson rounded off the night with his performance of ‘U no holy pass’ by Tuface Idibia.

Having delivered interesting and energetic performances in a bid to escape probation, it was time for the Judges to release their verdict for the night. And in doing this, they started by commending the efforts the contestants put into their performances, acknowledging the good works the Faculty have been doing.

But because it is a competition to induct extraordinary artistes, they decided to put all of the 11 contestants on probation to bring out the best out of them.

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Best Free Way to Find Images ON GOOGLE

One of the greatest challenges visual artists face is tracking down other uses of their work online. Whether it’s a search aimed at stopping infringements or simply understanding how your work is being used, finding visual works is a tricky matter.
The reason for the problem is that most search tools, including image search tools, don’t actually look at image, they look at the text around it. So unless the title of your work or the file name remain the same, there isn’t much hope for spotting a duplicate via traditional means.

However, in 2008, Tineye changed the game by introducing an image-based image search engine that would fingerprint images found online and match them against files uploaded to their service.
But, while Tineye’s matching technology is and always has been great, it’s been limited by Tineye’s rather small database. While that database has grown over 2x since I first wrote about the service (currently at just over 2 billion images), it hasn’t kept pace with the images being uploaded to the Web (Photobucket alone has 9.5 billion images).
However, last year Google entered into the fray, adding the ability to search for images by uploading or linking to another one, as with Tineye. The feature, which was initially an extension of Google’s previous Similar Image Search function, wasn’t very successful at first. However, over time, it appears Google has gone a long way to improving the tool as, in a recent spate of tests, it drastically outperformed Tineye in finding matching images consistently.
So, for artists looking to find their images on the Web, there seems to be a new king in town and it’s the same one authors have been using for years.

How to Use Google Search By Image

The easiest way to use Google Search By Image is to install either the Firefox
or Chrome extension, which simply enables you to right click an image to search for it.
However, barring that, you can simply visit Google Image Search and click the camera icon in the search bar.
Google Camera Image
That will open up the window that prompts you to either upload an image from your computer or provide the URL for one already online.
Google Search By Image
After you submit your image, Google will present a set of results. However, rather than being a “grid” like a regular Google Image Search, the results are ordred, first by exact matches and then by similar ones.
For example, I uploaded my recent image of the cover of Ocean’s Donkey Kong unlicensed port (from my recent article on video game plagiarism) and Google returned not only my article but other images containing that exact image.
Google Shared Image Results
In some cases, if there are multiple versions of the images but at different sizes, Google may suggest you look for alternate sizes of the image, as it did with the Limbo of the Lost cover from the same article.
Google Search By Image Other Sizes
If so it’s worth clicking the link to get a good breakdown of the other sizes (and places) the image appears. However, the real results, especially for images that have been widely copied, are below and you can see them by going through the various pages, as you would with a regular Google search.
But while Google Search By Image is cetainly easy to use, how well does it stack up against Tineye? The answer, is very well.

Comparison Tests

To test the two services head-to-head, I decided to have them both look for five different images used in recent articles on Plagiarism Today. These images are all either freely-available stock photos or are widely-used cover art for video games or records.
With that in mind, here’s the results of the tests:
Test 1: Angry Farm Image
Tineye Results: 1
Google Results: 558 (about)
Test 2: Generic Chart Image
Tineye Results: 4
Google Results: 555 (about)
Test 3: Facepalm Image
Tineye Results: 21
Google Results: 850 (about)
Test 4: Skull on Grave Image
Tineye Results: 1
Google Results: 3 (Not counting matching “Very Similar” results)
Note: Google’s “Very Similar” results were useless in this case as it just found other black and white photos without much regard for things that looked like the original.
Test 5: Bing Crosby White Christmas
Tineye Results: 173
Google Results: 883 (about)
Please note that the greatest limitation of this test is that I had to rely on both search engines to self-report how many matching images they had. However, I checked several pages of results with each test to make sure that the results were as accurate as possible.
Clearly though, the winner is Google, which found, in many cases, over 100x more matching images than Tineye. My suspicion is that, while Tineye’s matching algorithm is better (much fewer false positives), Google’s large database simply makes up the ground and then some, making it a much more valuable tool for image detection.
However, this doesn’t mean that Google’s perfect, there are still a few concerns and problems I have with it.

Limitations of Google

The biggest problem with Google is that, currently, there is no way to do a bulk search for a lot of images nor is there a way to do a recurring search. Though Google has an API for its Google Image Search, it doesn’t appear to work with Search by Image. Likewise, Google Alerts doesn’t allow you to create an alert for a Google Image Search at all, text or by image.
In short, there are no tools to make such searches easier and there aren’t likely to be any in the near future.
Meanwhile, Tineye has a very robust and well-established API that enables toe construction of just such tools.
Still, given how simple it is to use Google Search By Image, even with having to do the searches by hand, it’s still faster and easier than most methods, it’s still free and, in the end, just more effective, even more so than many paid-for tools.
There’s little reason not to integrate Google Search By Image into your checks and to use it at least some in your searches.

Bottom Line

When Google first launched this product, I tested it and found it to be less-than-useful. The algorithm was too flawed (based on the earlier and more limited “similar” search feature) and the number of false positives simply too high. Clearly, Google has made some great strides in the last six months and pushed this service to the point where it’s database and accuracy combine to make it the most useful image search tool available to the public, especially for free.
In the end, while I like Tineye as a company and as an offering, their database is too small and too limited to compete right now. Hopefully though, this competition will motivate both companies to improve their offerings and create a set of solutions that make things much easier on photographers and artists everywhere.

Rihanna Steps Out Braless

Top international music star, Rihanna also known as Riri has once again stepped out braless.
Rihanna was reported to have stepped out in a sheer top and cut-out sweatpants as she headed to a tattoo parlor in her New York neighborhood yesterday.

See more photos below:

However, it was speculated few weeks back that former couple, Rihanna and Chris Brown are planning a comeback.

WOW! See What Man Did To Look Like Micheal Jackson (Photos)

A 20-year old Iranian refugee has now become a mini celebrity in his own right: he has undergone surgery to impersonate the late pop icon, Michael Jackson.

Abbas Sharhani

Abbas Sharhani left his family and fled war-torn Iran  when he was 16 years old, later making the journey to Australia by boat via Malaysia and Indonesia. He was held in a Darwin detention centre for three months and after his release, he straightened his hair and had plastic surgery so he could make a living as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

According to Mail online, Abbas disclosed that he still suffers the loneliness and isolation of being a refugee.
He said: “despite the fame, it has not erased the loneliness and isolation of the experience of being a refugee so far from home and family. However I do find joy in performing for people everyone loves Michael Jackson. From the bottom of my heart I love the way he dances.”
Speaking on his strict Muslim upbringing and how his family responded to his change, he said: “they were like “why would you change your appearance and change your hair?” They weren’t happy, they didn’t accept it. It is difficult being far away, but I just keep doing what I’m doing. Dancing is my passion“.

See more photos below:
Abbas performing on stage

Lonely Abbas

However, Abbas’s transformation from refugee to Michael Jackson’s impersonator is the subject of a documentary, Man in the Mirror, which will debut at the Arab Film Festival Australia.

So Pathetic! 11-yr-old Girl Delivers Baby For Stepdad

An 11-year-old girl who was raped by her 42-year-old step father, Gilberto Benitez ZΓ‘rate, gave birth yesterday. reports that the Paraguayan girl received the attention of various international child rights groups when it became known that she was pregnant in May 2015 at age 10.  Paraguay has one of the strongest laws against abortion in the world. Amnesty International and some other rights organizations had called for the termination of the pregnancy of the little girl because of the psychological trauma she will undergo but the Paraguayan government maintained their stand, saying the little girl will be given the help needed for her to give birth normally.

The girl, who was sexually assaulted by her 42-year-old step father, delivered a baby girl at a Paraguayan hospital yesterday, Thursday, August 13. Gilberto who is married to the young girl’s mother was said to have denied having any sexual affair with the girl at first but gave in later. When he was arrested, he demanded a test saying he could not have got the girl pregnant because ‘he has been with tonnes of women and has never got anybody pregnant‘.

The new mother gave birth through a ceasarian section to a girl that weighed 3.5 kilos (eight pounds).
A statement from Amnesty said while the girl is thankfully stable “the director of the hospital she was taken to has publicly acknowledged that her pregnancy puts her at high risk”. The statement added: “This is confirmed by the World Health Organisation and health professionals around the world who all agree that pregnancy poses specific risks to young girls whose bodies are not fully developed. The risk to their lives is simply greater. This means that all options regarding the pregnancy, including safe abortion services, must be made available.”

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Watch Davido Learn How To Shoot A Gun

If you love yourself, don’t mess around with the HKN Gang artist, Davido. 
Popular afro- pop singer, Davido is back in the country after being away on a music tour for almost a month.
The tour is also believed to have affected the release date of his well hyped sophomore album.
While on the tour, Davido took time out to learn how to shoot a gun. l wonder why the singer thinks he need this particular skill since gun permits are not readily available to civilians in Nigeria, .

Watch Davido shoot a gun below:
A video posted by Davido Adeleke (@davidoofficial) on Aug 8, 2015 at 8:38am PDT

Ways to Make Her Feel Special about Your Relationship

Do you want that special lady in your life to feel special about your relationship? Trust me when I tell you that small things mean a lot. Over time, it’s easy to forget the little things that contribute so much to a happy and fulfilling relationship.

From time to time, it’s a good idea to look closely at the way we treat our partner and make sure that our actions accurately convey our true feelings about her and how much we value the relationship. Here’s a list of 65 things that should never be overlooked in a relationship. If you think I’m wrong, just ask her!

1. Regularly express to her that you need and value her.
2. Do things that make you laugh together.
3. Compliment her for her special qualities and be specific.
4. Put your arms around her when she needs comfort.
5. Speak respectfully, don’t demean her or hurt her feelings.
6. Give her time to be with her friends.
7. Take regular walks hand-in-hand.
8. Be enthusiastic over things that she’s excited about.
9. Do something you think she wants done before she asks.
10. Discuss changes with her first before you make them.
11. Show interest in the relationship and the things she values.
12. Allow her to teach you things without being defensive.
13. Let go of the small stuff.
14. Be a good listener and value what she says.
15. Get away from the routine to spend time together.
16. Go shopping with her without watching the clock.
17. Make her breakfast and clean up afterward.
18. Set specific relationship goals to achieve together.
19. Act like you are partners in all areas life.
20. Don’t take her for granted, always be polite.
21. Admit your mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.
22. Defend her to others, especially to your family.
23. Don’t belittle her intelligence.
24. Scratch her back, rub her feet, and massage her neck.
25. Be especially helpful when she is not feeling well.
26. When she asks how your day went, give her details.
27. Never argue over money, it will damage your relationship.
28. Don’t embarrass her in front of others.
29. Make eye contact when the two of you are talking.
30. Show that you prefer her company over all others.
31. Give her your full attention whenever possible.
32. When she expresses her feelings listen with your heart.
33. Never flirt with another woman.
34. Brag about her and your relationship to others.
35. Surprise her with a card and flowers.
36. Call her when you know you are going to be late.
37. Give her your undivided attention at least once a day.
38. Never compare her unfavorably with others.
39. Take care of yourself, It shows you care.
40. Be supportive. Help her to achieve her goals.
41. Run errands without complaining.
42. Sit close to her, even when you’re just watching TV.
43. Include her when you make plans.
44. Do things that make her feel cherished as a woman.
45. Build trust into your relationship.
46. Surprise her with a 15+ second kiss.
47. Stay in good of shape so she’s proud to be with you.
48. Be kinder to her than you are to strangers.
49. Make sure she feels valued above everyone else.
50. Continue to court her and date her.
51. Show affection for her in front of friends.
52. Hold her close when she is hurt or discouraged.
53. Surprise her with an unexpected gift.
54. Don’t forget to hold her hand in public.
55. Honor her and support her dignity.
56. Don’t dishonor her by eyeballing other women.
57. Fix dinner for her sometimes.
58. Be sympathetic when she’s feeling down.
59. Don’t ignore the small things that bother her.
60. Do things around the house that she wants done.
61. Tell her and show her that you love her every day.
62. When you’re away call or email often.
63. Show her affection without sexual intentions.
64. Show her affection with sexual intentions.
65. Let her see you reading and applying this list.

Photos: See What Crazy Female Fan Did To Tu Face On Stage That Got Annie Depressed

In the last few months, Nigerian music stars such as Tu face, Patoranking, Cynthia Morgan, Runtown, Oritse Femi, Sound Sultan amongst others, have been on Star Music Trek tour, across the states.

Tu Face and Fan on stage

On Saturday, August 8, in Sapele, Delta state a female fan was reported to have beaten the venue security guard and ran onstage while Tu face was performing.
The unidentified lady grabbed the pop icon from behind, pulled him close, stripped off her top and attempted to take 2face’s clothes off.

Annie Idibia who was present to cheer her husband’s performance looked dazed at the occurrence.
Everyone including the security had thought it was one of creative director Efe Omorogbe’s skits but apparently it wasn’t.

See more photos below:
crazy fan
Tu Face and Fan performing

Female fan with security official

Depressed Annie Idibia
However, it took a while before the security could pull her away from the Star Music Trek stage.

Tonto Dikeh Set To Wed

The Nigerian actress Tonto Charity Dikeh, also known as Tonto Dikeh had her introduction ceremony over the weekend.

Tonto over the weekend changed her name to Mrs Churchill on her social media platforms. Tonto, who is pregnant, did her introduction to her man Oladunni Churchill in Port Harcourt.

Recently, Tontolet as she is fondly called by fans, took to her Instagram page to warn women about their love lives and revealed how they might get over an illusion.

Congrats to her.